Photo Walks in Matera

Discover Matera with your eyes.

The rural urban landscape and its people are some of the most interesting things to photograph. Forgotten buildings, hidden corners, narrow alleys, characteristic faces, textures, shapes, colors and traces of bygone eras. And of course Matera offers so much more than that. Cityscapes, landscapes, and breathtaking vistas on the prehistoric settlement.

These a just a few of the things you will encounter on a Matera Photo Tour.

Join us on a photo tour and you will discover one of the oldest cities in the center of Italy and see Matera from a photographer’s eye. Beginners, accomplished amateurs and seasoned professionals, all of our walks are tailored to your skill level. You pick the day and we’ll organize an itinerary based on your needs and goals.

Matera Photo Walks are led by professional photographer Giorgio Cossu. Join Giorgio on a Matera Photo Walk and see what images you can capture. We will start and finish the photo tour in the city center deeply discovering the ancient area known as Sassi. We will start from Piazza San Giovanni and we will walk down until the church San Pietro Caveoso to come back up arriving in  Piazzetta Pascoli. We will cross a huge area of stunning views and incredible details building a nice photographic story of your trip in this city on the path of the oldest and new habitants. During the walks a service of analysis of the shots and tips about the composition are given. You also will receive some backstage shots showing you in action. You can ask to take part to a 3 hours or 6 hours walk and also ask for a tailored itinerary based on special needs as subjects, light, etc… Also starting and finishing points and time are customizable.

Matera Photo Walk Prices:

Walkers 3 hours 6 hours
1 person 100 € 180 €
2 people 160 € 250 €
3 people 220 € 340 €
4 people 280 € 400 €

Prices are per group and do not include the cost of lunch, equipment or any entrance or transportation fees.

From mobile phones to professional cameras, all types of equipment may be used.

All walks are available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and of course Italian.

We are happy to customize walks to meet your needs, but extra charges may apply for walks that exceed 6 hours or where special fees, guides, or arrangements are required.

Longer period Workshops are available. Please contact us for rates and details.